Who is Larry West

Imaginitive, Creative, Passionate, and determined.

These are just a few of the words used to describe me.

I'm a designer of brands and of movements. My work speaks louder than I ever can, and I'm incredibly determined when I want to create something amazing. I rarely rest when I know I'm close to a goal, and I'm focused on being the best artist I can be. My ideas have helped to spur the hearts and minds and imaginations of countless people around the planet. My clients have ranged from bands to campaigns to everything in between.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and, for one reason or another, I never left. I ran for mayor once and lost, but it taught me a lot about life, humility, and utilizing graphic design and an image to catch and keep people's attention.

My art and style has been influenced by a mixture of metal, punk, Pushead, Sam Keith, and Walt Disney. Some of my favorite achievements was working with Megadeth, helping the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), and having a photo published by Rolling Stone Magazine, all before I was even 25. Past clients include Mikimoto, The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, Wednesday 13, Dancing Ferret Concerts, and The Admiral Theater.

I went to Hussian School of Art and received a Bachelor's Equivalent, 4 Year Associate of Specialized Technology (A.S.T.).

Essential Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5

    I have over 10 years of experience with Photoshop with a large skill-set, strong knowledge and skill in Adobe Illustrator, have used DreamWeaver as a code editor for years, and have a working knowledge of InDesign for print layouts.

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    I've been a front-end coder for 10 years with an expertise in XHTML and HTML5 mark-up and standards-complaint coding and coding sites with SEO in mind. I am an expert at CSS and CSS3 technology, focusing on cross-browser compliance. With PHP, I've created both functions to compile data and serve it to the end user and written multiple include files to help reduce repetitive code and shrink websites. My MySQL skills have allowed me to create and modify databases and, along with my PHP skills, allowed me to write multiple functions. I also have a working knowledge of jQuery.

  • Wordpress and PHP

    I've created numerous Wordpress themes from scartch with PHP coding for custom functions.

Freelance History

  • Comic Strip - Promotional Work

    August 2016

    I illustrated and designed the look and feel for The Admiral Theatre's "Comic Strip" event. This included everything from the poster to silhouettes on stage.

  • Taco in a Bag - Trading Cards

    September 2015

    Illustrated and designed trading cards showing the "anatomy" of tacos.

  • Philadelphia Renaissance Faire - Branding and Website

    March 2015

    Created the logo, posters, and website for the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire.

  • Worldwide Collectibles and Gifts - Website Design

    October 2014

    Redesigned and updated the coding for a then 15-year-old website, including reducing the shopping cart system from 6 pages to 1 to help reduce cart abandonment.

  • Between Pictures - Website Design

    September 2014

    Designed and implemented a custom Wordpress theme for Between Pictures, a Philadelphia video production company.

  • Mikimoto - Coloring Book Illustrations

    July 2014

    Illustrated a series of cheerful illustrations for a coloring book for children at Mikimoto stores.

  • Felony's Brutal Beastro - Logo Design and Branding

    September 2013

    I was hired by Felony's to come up with a unquie and interesting logo and branding campaign for their Italian Food Truck down in Austin, TX.

  • Wednesday 13 - "Curse the Living" T-Shirt Design

    February 2013

    Hired by Wednesday 13 to illustrate and design a dynamic and amazing T-shirt for his 2013 Tour.

  • Bride of the Stripping Dead - Promotional Work

    August 2012

    Was asked by The Admiral Theater in Chicago to design a billboard, newspaper ads, posters, and a T-shirt for their event "Bride of the Stripping Dead".

  • Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign - T-shirt Design

    January 2012

    Hired by a member of the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign to design a T-shirt for a fund raiser in Philadelphia.

  • Occupy Philadelphia

    October 2011

    Designed posters, flyers, and the initial website for Occupy Philadelphia.

  • Caustic Casanova Website

    October 2011

    Designed and coded a Wordpress-based website for the band Caustic Casanova using HTML5 coding and custom CSS coding, as well as implementing widgets.

  • Live Not on Evil Gig Poster

    April 2011

    Illustrated and designed a poster for Philadelphia band Live Not on Evil

  • Spank Vote

    January 2011

    Did Illustrations, logo, icon, and web design for an app where you spank famous people.

  • Left Foot Green - Fun With Vengeance

    October 2010

    Created an illustration and designed the CD Packaging for their album Fun with Vengeance. Also designed a logo for the band.

  • Combat Crisis Gig Poster

    November 2009

    Asked by the band to illustrate and design a gig poster for the band within 48 hours. The result was one of their favorite pieces, and was later re-used for advertising on iTunes.

  • Khapra - Sexually Transmitted Democracy T-shirt Design

    March 2008

    Designed and illustrated a T-shirt for the band Khapra based on their song "Sexually Transmitted Democracy

  • Megadeth Tour Package 2004/05

    September 2004

    Created a piece of fan art that was utilized by the band to make addition revisions that was ultimately used for the T-shirts and passes used for the tour, as well as Dave Mustaine's guitar.

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