About Larry West

My name is Larry West, and I’m an artist and programmer based in Philadelphia, PA. I’m also an illustrator, graphic designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, a Full Stack Front-End Developer, and a photographer. After graduating from Hussian School of Art with a Bachelor’s Degree, I began my freelancing career doing a design layout for the multi-platinum metal band Megadeth. I later went on to work for a number of companies full-time while maintaining a freelance business.

They often say, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none,” but they never seem to remember the full phrase: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often better than a master of one.” I think that’s an important quality for an artist, too. I can understand why a design makes sense for the web because I do user experience research and studies. I can understand how a lot of web development works and work as a bridge between designers and programmers.

That wealth of knowledge is why companies like luxury brand Mikimoto and mid-sized e-commerce companies Worldwide Collectibles and Gifts reach out to me for their projects. It’s why bands like Wednesday 13 come to me for illustration and design services, or famous fetish brand Marquis Magazine asks for websites.

Essential Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite

    I have over 15 years of experience with Photoshop with a large skill-set, strong knowledge and skill in Adobe Illustrator, have used DreamWeaver as a code editor for years, and have a working knowledge of InDesign for print layouts.

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    I've been a front-end coder for 15 years with an expertise in XHTML and HTML5 mark-up and standards-complaint coding and coding sites with SEO in mind. I am an expert at CSS and CSS3 technology, focusing on cross-browser compliance. With PHP, I've created both functions to compile data and serve it to the end user and written multiple include files to help reduce repetitive code and shrink websites. My MySQL skills have allowed me to create and modify databases and, along with my PHP skills, allowed me to write multiple functions. I also have a working knowledge of jQuery.

  • Wordpress and PHP

    I've created numerous Wordpress themes from scartch with PHP coding for custom functions.

Proud member of the Graphic Artists Guild

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